Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Presentation at work, Alex visiting soon

Today was sweeeeeeeeet, I got to present a software tool to my team that I programmed when I was on PNG!! It was really fun and people asked me lots of crazy questions (some of which I could answer, and some of which I answered "I have no idea, but I can find that out for you" hehe.) Good times!!!!!! It worked out really well I think and I made a few jokes and I think people enjoyed it so that's great.

Tonight we went to Albertsons, a "real" grocery store that is way nicer than the one we often go to, it roooccked and I bought a lot of good stuff. Sweet randomness. Then we watched two Simpsons Halloween episodes and one of them had the 3D Homer episode, Homer ^3!!!!!!!!! Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is my favourite Simpsons Halloween episode by FAR, it roooccks so much and I remember watching it like 50 times when it came out. That is amazing. I also found out that one of the guys who worked on PNG with me was actually one of the people who MADE THE SIMPSONS 3D EPISODE?!?!?! Man that is so amazing.

My buddy Alex from Canada sounds like he is doing totally awesome at work. That is great to see because he is very talented and hard-working and I am happy to hear he is succeeding and totally rockin' out. Matt sounds like he is getting to do some aaweeesome stuff too so that rocks as well. Rock on boyyeeeezzz!!!!!!!!!!

In other news Alex is coming to visit in a few weeks which is great. Alex came to hang out last summer for Siggraph 2005 which was great and it was cool to show one of my friends from home how awesome it is here. Alex and I are going to check out some of the places around here that he wants to visit, and maybe go to LA as well to see Disneyland or go to Santa Monica and stuff. Not quite sure what we are planning yet but it will be awesome for sure.

Busy day today at work but got lots of stuff done which was great and also had my presentation. I need to spend one of these evenings sending postcards to my friends back home and also doing some reading. There is a Green version of the Pixar Zip-up Jacket that I have now on sale at work. I almost wanted to buy it but that's a bit nuts since I already have the same jacket in a different colour. Hehe sure is awesome though, but I am definitely a crazy swag fiend and I think 2 versions of the same jacket is kinda nuts so I guess I'll just wait for a new T-shirt instead. :)

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