Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annecy Animation Festival in France!!!

Oh maaaaaaaan this looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I thought that the world-famous Annecy Animation Festival was in July and I was definitely going to miss it. I wanted to go to Cannes but it seemed too expensive and kinda nuts. Instead I've decided to skip it and maybe instead I will try to go to Annecy!!

Check it out:

I figure I'll probably be in Rome or Florence or so by the time I'd need to be back in Annecy, France for the festival... so since I have a Eurail Pass I can use it intensely and make good use out of it for the huge trip all the way back into France! It's about a 10 hr trip from Rome back to Annecy but that'll work out great! I can use it and then maybe even meet Matt and Alex there or get Joel to come with me too. That is SO awesome. I would love to see it and this works out much better than Cannes. Also it's more like 50 Euros rather than 400 Euros, so that is great too. Looks like there is also an Annecy YHA so that rocks and if they have spots it would be pretty sweet and also a cheap place to stay. Soooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

This rocks SO much. I can't believe I can actually go to Annecy. This is nuts.

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