Saturday, April 07, 2007

History studying and Bubble Tea (sortof)

Today was good for studying. I'm finally in the zone and getting lots of stuff done. I did all my major studying for History today, I just have to read some more of Ordinary Men and review a couple more things and then I should be set for History. Tomorrow I am going to focus on UI and review a bit with some friends on Monday and then I should be rockin'. Sweet. I am really looking forward to finishing everything, it is going to be AWESOME.

Tonight we went to Bubble Tea as a break but I couldn't rock the tapioca, so I had a shake instead which was good times. I gotta get back to work, it's 2am but I am going to spend a bit more time tonight reading and preparing for History. I read a bunch of stuff tonight and brushed up on some details which is great.

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