Sunday, April 01, 2007

UI 2D rotation done, VOC training weekend

Today was sweet. I went to the VOC training weekend and hung out with cool people I like. So that rocked. I didn't "need" to go, but it's fun and I helped out a bit by trying to include/talk to some of the quieter new frosh leaders. I am always loud and so on, so it's useful (I hope) to the new leaders to get someone a bit wild to get them into the spirit of things. Good times!!!!!!

Then I went home and Nick and I went to Yung's choir concert. It was pretty awesome and Yung rocked out as usual in a smaller solo group so that was great.

Tonight after getting tons of Kosher-Le-Pesach groceries (can't find Matzah here, but at least I've got a bunch of Veggies/other stuff, and some potatoes and sweet potatoes for carbohydrates next week when I can't eat bread), I came home and just finished my UI assignment. It's pretty darn sweet. I got the crane dropping the weight item now, and it can also pick it back up if the end of the string is in the boundaries of the box. There were a few world coordinate to rotated local coordinate translation things I needed to do again, but it was pretty easy once we figured out all the stuff yesterday. Good times!!

Tonight... I gotta tackle my taxes. And get some Bubble Tea!

Crane after dropping the weight, extending the rope to pick it up

Picking up the weight

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