Monday, April 23, 2007

Packing for California, new North Face backpack

Today was nuuuuuuuuuts!!!!! I got everything ready for California. I am moving all my stuff there and going off to Europe, so I needed to separate what I need for the next little while and what I will need in the long run in California. I've got all the California stuff ready to leave now which is great, and tomorrow I've got to pack my large backpack and small suitcase for Europe. I used a small suitcase at the end of my East Coast trip in Australia and it was actually really good and helpful. If it has wheels on it, it can make moving stuff a lot simpler so I am going for that route this time.

I bought a $100 North Face bag today too, and it rocks. I was looking at cheaper ones but they all were not very good and had problems or had small zippers that I would definitely break. So this one is pretty sweet. I've got a huge backpack from Novack's here in London, that's the main bag I'll be carrying. But I also needed a replacement for my Eureka pack for my carry-on luggage, and also for normal day-trippin'. I'm generally going to be carrying my stuff in my bag, so I'll have it on for almost the entire trip. It's a great idea to get a nice solid one and it really is good.

My new North Face "Recon" bag. Sweeeeeeeeet!

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