Saturday, April 07, 2007

The long, emo, sad, "I can't believe I'm done University" post

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later... I've finally decided I'm actually really sad to be done here at Waterloo.... and it's time to write a nice long, super emo style blog about it!

I had a really awesome time this term going to Bomber a lot with my old roommate Jer and rekindling (yes, I know I sound like a girl, but it seems like the best word to use... I'm trying to be an Emo Kid here - gimme a break) my 1A friendship with my good buddy Joel who was one of my best friends here in 1A and then we were off-stream for the past 4 years and now we finally met again here and it's been awesome to just continue on from where we left off - me being absent minded and saying stupid jokes and Joel just making fun of me until I say a "Your Mom" joke and then he smacks me over the head. Definitely a good friendship, haha. Anyway it's been really awesome to get back in the groove with some old buddies like Jer and Joel but also nice to make some good new friends too, Jocelyne and I got a bunch closer this term which was awesome, we didn't really know each other all that well before this so it was cool to finally get past the "random acquaintance" situation and really become good friends. Man... definitely going to miss the people from this term.

As I was walking home from Bomber last Wednesday I was really thinking a lot about how I am going to miss this place. It's been a really hard 5 years here, tons of work and so much stress and pain in the first 2 or 3 years - it was NUTS. 4th year has really been the icing on a stressful cake (?!) I've had a great time. 4A was AMAZING because Summer term always ROCKS and I had the best course ever, Graphics. It was SO awesome and I really loved it SO much. I have never worked as hard as I did for that class, and it roooocccccccked sooooooo much. This term was amazing too because it was really very relaxed, I got my work done and I worked consistently on my homework as needed, but it wasn't too nuts. That was really good and gave me time to focus on some more important things this term. Included in the "more important things" was relaxing and actually enjoying my time at school, and going to Bomber every week with my old friends and my new VOC friends was just fantastic. It has really added to my appreciation for Waterloo and is making my exit from Waterloo just a little more emo-tional. (Hehe, "Emo")

Anyway, I better get to bed because it's 4am again and I am up as usual. Props to Waterloo... the place that has given me so much stress, has also given me SO much knowledge, maturity, ability, experience... man it has been SWEET. And I've met some great people along the way who have made the journey even better. John Lasseter says on the Cars DVD that Life is not only the destination... it's the journey that counts. So of course J-Lass has got it right. The stress of the first few years here and getting through the heaps of work has certainly been worth it. Dr. Kelso says on Scrubs, "Nothing worth having comes easy." It's certainly been a long tough ride over here, but man, am I ever glad I have it.

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Joel Z said...

You're such a girl.
And yes, I know. So's my mom. Here's a preemptive I hate you.