Friday, April 20, 2007

Le Cell Phone

Wow the Virgin Mobile France website is confusing. After reading it in French for about 20 minutes and getting most of the details figured out (i.e. Cartes Prépayées = "PrePaid Cards") it seems to make sense. It looks like about 50 Euros for a phone, and I can't figure out the per month thing. It looks like maybe 30 Euros a month, or something. Anyway it looks like about 0.48 Euros per minute I think. So that's kindof expensive I guess, but ALL incoming calls are free, so that totally rocks and is very useful for people calling me from Canada. I couldn't find those details on the website but that seems to be the case after reading about it a bunch. I can potentially get an Italian SIM card once I am in Italy but there's not really any particular reason to do that, I can just keep the France one I think and continue to use it there. I gotta figure that out but I think it'll work. Good stuff.

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