Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dave Matthews Warehouse Album

Tonight I am listening to the Dave Matthews Warehouse 8 album, this is intense!!!!! I think it was a special album sent only to Warehouse members... man it is good.

It has a reaaaaaaaaaally good One Sweet World version on it. Man this makes me want to see Dave Matthews again, oh yes... right I am about to buy a ticket for an upcoming show. Good times. My buddy Travis wants me to come to the long weekend of all 3 shows at the Gorge in Washington state in August, man that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!! But it's a bit nuts, maybe I'll do that another year. I am going to see Dave at least once this year though as usual. I guess the new studio album might be out by the time I see them in concert again??

Man this version of One Sweet World is amazing (and the intro is still going as I've been writing this) ammaaazing. It has a live version of "I'll back you up" which is pretty sweet, that's a pretty uncommon (and awesome) song.

I got my travel phrasebooks for French, Italian and Greek languages, haha they are cool but I think I am going to be SO bad at speaking in Greek. I tried all 3 and French was the most natural (thank you, Canadian school system), Italian next, and then Greek I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Haha this is going to be interesting to get around over there. I've got to take that book with me everywhere I go!!!

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