Friday, April 27, 2007

Jutan est dans le Paris!!

I got to Paris this morning and took the Métro from Charles De Gaulle airport to my hostel, I met some awesome people fron Germany after spending some time buying strawberries and other good stuff.

i am typing on a crazy keyboard here in paris!!
I an typing on a french keyboard it is nuts!!!!
i am here in paris and it rocks sooo much. Pleqse excuse the typing mistakes, qll the keys are different and there are french accents on the keyboard, this is nuts!!

I just got a cell phone today too so we are good to go!
I have free inconing calls so if you want the number please email me. But renenber I am 6 hours AHEAD of you if youre in Toronto EST time zone!!

I am in the Monmartre area. Sweet eh? haha wow it took me 2 min to find a question mark on this crawy keyboard!!! hahah today I went with my new friends Olaf and his girlfriend, both fro, Germany and awesome, to Montmartre area, saw Moulin Rouge and Le Chat Noir and more.

Here are pics I have qlreqdy.

Mike :)
ça va très bien!!!!!

Awesome gelato, coffee, red wine on the plane

crazy phone that took me 10 min to figure out

sweet Paris sideroad


cést magnifique!!

Bonjouuuuuur, France!!!!

A Patessierie (french for "awesome")

The tiny shoppers drug mart style grocery store had a Kosher section!!! I took a photo and a cute French girl talked to me because she thought it was funny!

Gold, pure gold. This is funny on SO MANY different levels.

How cool is this??

A "free" public toilette

Me at the Moulin Rouge

We bought the blueberry tart, and then walked for 4 hours to burn it off

Sacré-Coeur church

A cute cat trying to ride a motorbike

Hahaha the Moulin Brun!!!

A coffee place my new friends (in picture) and I went to and got a Café Latte

The Chat Noir!!!

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