Sunday, April 22, 2007

Home, Dave Matthews Band tickets, Europe, Vista

I'm home for a few days and it's totally awesome. I had time to play with Windows Vista Business and it's pretty sweet, definitely a lot of it looks like OSX but it's cool anyway and it sure looks nice. There are some pretty great new UI design features of Vista too which I like and some space-saving stuff and very good options that are worded quite well which is a change from the usual.

Today we went to the market with Heev, Fink and Mrs. Heev (i.e. Matt, Alex and Matt's Mom), it was really fun and we got some great food as usual. Then I went to Novack's and looked at backpacks but decided not to get a new one yet. I did get my France/Italy/Greece power converter though which is great. Heev and I went to the mall at exactly 1pm so I could buy my Dave Matthews ticket for September. After about 8 min of waiting in a virtual line on the Ticketmaster website I got a ticket so that rocks.

So just getting ready for Europe and for California. I gotta sort out and inventory all of my stuff for the movers so that's the big job tomorrow. Tonight I've got to write back to some emails that have been sitting in my Inbox since before exams and make another To-Do list. Then I gotta send in my taxes and take care of some other stuff tomorrow. In other news, Windows Vista looks really nice. But man I hate those "Are you sure you want to do the action you just requested to do" security warnings. Matt and I had a discussion today as to whether those are actually good, or if they just promote an instant response. An instant response implies that the user will never read the dialog boxes and the dialogs become useless in attempting to curb malicious software from running code on your machine. I assume Microsoft is trying to stop this kind of software running on your machine by adding these "Are you sure you did what you just did and wanted to do that" dialog boxes, and I don't know if it's actually going to work as they want it to.

Anyway cool stuff. I gotta get to this stack of emails. :)


Joel Z said...

Way to quote exactly what we learned in UI. You're a princess.

Unknown said...

I disabled that annoying Vista security thing on my machine. Whoops. :-P