Friday, April 13, 2007

Taxes, Studying, France, Shabbos Dinner

Wow lots of stuff going on today. Good times.

I got a call this afternoon from the dude from H&R Block. Turns out they are done my US and Canadian tax return already, so that rocks. Glad it's done, but it also kinda was less than I was expecting. I paid a lot in US tax this year cause I had 8 months of Co-op in the USA and thus paid a lot of tax. Looks like I'll only be getting back about 1/3 of what I paid. I was expecting to get back about 2/3 so that amounts to a fair amount of bills. Oh well. At least I don't owe money... oh wait, I do!! Yeah it's nuts, apparently I own Canada $300, although I am getting back about $1300 US. There is a situation where you are taxed in Canada over and above the US taxes as if you were earning the money here. Oh well, not a big deal. But it looks like now I need to borrow some money for Europe. I was going to just wing it on the money I have, but it won't be enough now. So to make sure I still get to do all the cool stuff I want to do in Europe, I'll have to borrow a little.

Studying was intense today. From 8pm-3am I studied AciSci!!! It was really intense but awesome and I got through all the class notes. I've already had my History and UI exams and they both went really well. So another day of studying for ActSci and then once that one is done it'll be awesome cause I have a week off and then Music. That is great as Music is pretty straightforward and won't require too much studying, so I'll get to see some nice friends next week. Angie is coming up to Waterloo and I haven't seen her since she went to New Zealand last summer, so that'll be awesome.

France is going to be sweet. That it all.

I got invited to another Shabbos Dinner tomorrow night, free food is always awesome and I really like that crowd at the JSA place this term. Good times. So I think that'll be a good break in between studying.

Ok well it's 3:45am and I've been studying all day and night, so I'm off to bed. Yung left today!! She is done exams and thus done University!! She was really excited but also kinda nervous to leave Waterloo and enter the real world. She is doing Canadian Idol auditions this weekend which is really cool, that would be amazing if she gets into the next round.

Alex and Matt are coming up here next week so that roooocks.

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