Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 2 in Paris, lots of photos

Well friends I am now officialy a Parisian (or at least for the next week or two)... I've had my first bagette experience with a HUGE piece of Brie which was only 4 Euros!! It was NUTS!!!!

Anyway great times, I went out again all day with my new German friends Olaf and Inga, they are awesome and Inga had lots of huge plans for the day and that was awesome so I went along with their plans and it was great.

We started at the Arc de Triumph and then headed to the Obelisk and saw the Eiffel Tower from a far. Then we went to some parliament buildings and then to a fancy food place to buy chocolate and look around. Then we took the subway again to a great place for coffee and had a picnic in a beautiful park in the Marais and had some freshly made bagettes with a huge piece of Brie, and my friend had an Oringina and I had a Schweppes Lemon drink which was also good. Then we got a Cafe Au Lait later on and then walked more to Notre Dame. Then we spent 30 min trying to find a toilette in what we think was a very old hospital that is still functioning. Then we went to the jail where Marie Antionette was held prisoner and then executed which was nuts. That was a great day!! Oh yes, also we got some "Ice"... by that Inga meant "Sorbet"... i.e. Ice Cream but without the Cream!! It was awesome and we sat on the steps on the River Seine, overlooking old Ile-de-Paris... just taking it all in. What a fantastic day... again!!

Oh yeah, note that my typing this time isn't filled with 3000 typing mistakes. They told me here how to change the keyboard preferences so I have a USA Anglais (English) Keyboard rather than the French one which is nuts (see photo of keyboard!)

Ok onto the photos!!

Cool sign, not sure what it is for, but something to do with cinema and animation!! It was on Reynaud's house maybe?

The view out of my Hostel window

Pizza I got last night

Pizza was super weird Salmon Pizas!!

Sarah from Australia and I, laughing about something

L'Arc de Triumph!!

Olaf, Inga and Me

Our shadows

Arc De Triumph inside

More Arc de Triumph

Sweet deal!!

Cool Spider-Man 3 poster in French

The Obelisk

Close up

Me, Olaf and Inga

Obelisk and Fountain

Awesome fountain pic

Nice parlimentary offices area

Mary Magdalen church

Mmm... individually wrapped sandwiches!!!

Awesome selection of cakes

Aparantely there are lots of different types of Eclairs??!!!

Famous Paris cookies

Weird sweet fruit

Huge piece of Brie at lunch

The brie we bought and we ate that along with 2 bagetts, some tomatoes, drinks and a Fauchon Milk chocolate bar with coffee flavour that I got at the fancy store earlier.

Awesome view at the park


The brie was HUGE!! And only 4 Euros!!

Someone thinking and sitting in the park

Cool band that played on the street

Haha funny dragon thing

Nice sidestreets!!

Holocaust Memorial, it was closed so I will try to see it next week

Vive le France!!

Weird city recycling bins

Local Parliament buildings

Courtyard near local parliament buildings

Haha these two pretending to fight, haha

Me on the bridge to old Paris, Ile-de-Paris!!

Awesome sorbet place

Chillin' on the Seine River, eating our Sorbet

Good times!!

Haha silly berets at a souvenier store

Crrraaaazy French keyboard!! Note the A and the Q are switched!! Also there
is crazy punctuation everywhere!!


Front view of Notre Dame

Me at Notre Dame

Inside of jail where Marie Antionette was held and then executed

Courtyard of jail

Going back home on the Metro

Inside the Netro station

Sweet picture

Inga waiting for the subway train

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