Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interpol and French Toast

Last night was cool, Joel, Jer and I went to see the band Interpol in Kitchener. They are part of this sort of new wave of "Pop-Indie" which seems like an oxymoron but really I figure it's just the sort of band that is Indie, but can now pay their bills. The concert was pretty good, but kinda nuts. There were a LOT of tall people there. Therefore, ergo, vis-a-vis, it was hard to see the stage. But good times anyway. There was a crazy bouncer that kept coming into the crowd and yelling at people for taking photos with their cell phones, very weird. The opener bands sucked somethin' fierce. But Interpol was pretty intense and excellent, a different kind of music than I usually rock out to, but it was recommended by Joel so obviously it's good music.

I just saw the Blogger "Blogs Of Note" site and one thing that I had to click on was a blog called "French Toast Girl." Clearly I love French Toast, as we all know. So I checked it out and she had a REALLY funny quote on there about why she calls herself the "French Toast Girl." Haha.
So what's with the toast?

The basic philosophy of the french toast girl site is this: life (like french toast) is made up of simple ingredients that combine to make up a marvelous concoction we often take for granted. It's time to relish all the wonderful flavors in your life. And by the way, if you aren't crazy about the way your life tastes, remember: you're the one who controls how much sweetness goes on top, or if it's soggy and underdone.

So savor the simplicity and the magic that is french toast. Order some at a diner at 3am. Order some for someone who looks as if he could use it. And don't just eat it, put strawberries on your french toast, make a pot of Earl Grey tea, and have it outside on the porch listening to the birds in the morning. And before this gets too deep, have some fun and play around with the site, okay?
Hilarious, and legendary.

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