Monday, February 18, 2008

Apartment, GDC pass, Macys roooocks

Lots of fun and excitingly awesome stuff going on this weekend. Chilled with Matt Saturday night and watched a DMB concert on DVD which was aweessome. Sunday I spent pretty much all day on my apartment, and unpacked and sorted through about 3 huge boxes which is awesome. Lots of work but it went really well and it was fun to see lots of cool old stuff from high school.

Today I had the day off since it's President's Day here in the US. I've just been downtown taking care of some necessary stuff, so that is groovy. I was on my way to the TimBuk2 store, the place that made my Lucasfilm shoulder bag to go get some specially made TimBuk2 reflector strips that attach to the bottom of the bag for when you are bike riding at night. Turns out I had an extra pocket in my bag, I checked in there, and I already had 2 of them!! Haha so that saved me a trip to the store and I went right downtown.

I headed to the Moscone Center to get my GDC pass for this week, that's the annual Game Developers Conference, and it should be awesome. Then off to the new Blue Bottle Cafe for a Cappuccino on a non-Saturday Ferry Building market kind of situation. That is SO awesome that it's downtown now, so I can get my Blue Bottle Coffee fix even when it's not a Saturday. Fantastic.

Then I headed to Macy's for their massive President's Day sale. I've been meaning to buy a Duvet since December since my Mom gave me money for my Chanukkah present specifically to get a Duvet. I managed to get a REALLY nice one. Regular price was $400 and I got it on sale, plus 10% off, plus another 15% off with my Macy's Card?!?! So it ended up being more like about $150. Crazy. I also picked up a new Hotel Collection towel since my other towel seems to have gotten bleached somehow. While I was there they also had the "Best Sale of the Year" on their bedding which was perfect, I got a duvet cover and a (this is hilarious) "bed skirt" hahaha. Basically it's a thing you put on your box spring so guests don't have to look at my bed frame all the time, it just generally makes it look a bit fancier, and since my bed is in my living room, it's better if it looks decent since my guests and friends are always sitting on it. :) Good times!!

Tonight I am going to get my duvet and stuff sorted out and put lots more effort into this organization of the boxes and unpacking and cleaning up.

Sweet reflectors on my shoulder bag

Good stuff

GDC Pass!!!! What up, Autodesk as a major sponsor!!

New duvet, sheets and towel

Apartment cleanup and organization time

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