Monday, February 11, 2008

Blue Bottle Cafe, Mel's Drive In

Saturday morning Chris was looking at a place in the city near me, and came to pick us up and drove us downtown. That was fun and we dropped off the car and did a bunch of fun random stuff. I mailed an Indiana Jones hat to my friend Andrew (promised him a little Indiana Jones belated Christmas present), then headed to the fancy new Blue Bottle Cafe in San Francisco. I saw that reaaaaally cool Siphon Coffee Machine that was mentioned in that New York Times article I posted last week. Chris and Kurt both hate coffee (why did I take them to a coffee place again?!?!) They got Apple Juice and I got a Cappuccino. I'll have to go there again soon with some people so I can try this Siphon Coffee, sounds awessssssome.

Then off to the Apple Store to play with the new Apple MacBook Air laptop, which was in fact ridiculously thin and slick. Pretty awesome stuff. We played around with some iPhones too and that was fun. Then headed to Mel's Drive In to meet up with Jess and Josh. Then to a Toy Store, and back to my apartment to relax... because I was throwing a party?!?! Yep.

Kurt making a list of all the people he needed to get in touch with

Me doing some sort of Eggo Waffle concerto?!?!

Word up

Kurt and the hilarious inside joke shirt I got for him

Kurt at the Blue Bottle Cafe

Waiting for our Apple Juice and Cappuccino

The Siphon Coffee maker

Siphon Coffee in action

Kurt and his apple juice

Me and Chris

Chris and I wandering in Mint Plaza

Apple MacBook Air ad

Josh, Jess, Me

Kurt and Chris at Mel's Drive In

My excited face

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