Sunday, February 24, 2008

Housewarming Party #2: ILM Edition

Last night was my Housewarming Party #2: ILM Edition!! It was awesome!! It was really fun and about 20 people showed up which was great. I learned some pretty useful stuff at the last housewarming party like the need for ice, a plastic bucket for drinks, soft drinks and bread. The party was a lot better organized than my first party, people brought lots of wine and Cary brought me a plant for my apartment!! Awesome. We had lots of different kinds of cheese here and some more tasty food. It was a great time and at the end of the night, almost everyone was gone and then Frank stayed here for a couple more hours so we could chill and watch Indiana Jones. Good times!!

The late night grocery shopping

Trying to move all my stuff into the closet

Nice clean main apartment room

Beer and wine

Cheese!! Gruyere, Cheese Ball, Brie, Smoked Gouda, Muenster

Limes and drinks

Clementines, grapes, crackers, carrots, cookies, chips, sourdough bread, baguettes, and cheese

Mmm... cheese


Matt and Ian

Matt workin' the Jutan-style pose

Rachel, Yisheng and Jianmin

Haha great picture

Stephane, Katherine, Jess and Josh

Matt and Ian

Workin' it

Some heavy political conversation?! :)

The "main room" crew

Me and the famed Mr. Matthew Atabet Parrott

The smart people chillin' around the food table

Vivek, and I think that's John back there

Jacob making "Bananas Foster", this fancy butter, sugar, banana, rum mix that you light on fire?!!!

Matt, Jianmin and Cary banana fostering

Cary (and the house plant in the background!)

Jacob and Kat enjoying the fruits of Jacob's cooking effort

Sweet unhealthy tastiness

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