Sunday, February 24, 2008

Zazengo - a Social Action profile

This is really cool. Yesterday I had coffee with Vicki Saunders, who I worked for about 11 years ago at KidsNRG/The NRG Group in Toronto! Pretty awesome stuff!! So Vicki and Richard now live in Santa Cruz, California and Vicki was up in San Francisco at a conference so she came by my area to visit. It was great to chat with her and catch up after quite some time, and it was really fun to tell her about my work history since she knew me when I had a plan for my University and where I wanted to work, but well before I even got into Waterloo. Good times!!

So Vicki is now CEO of a new startup called Zazengo. It's really cool, a sort of Social Action profile for yourself to track your effect on the community. Great idea and the Beta site looks great already. Check it out!

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