Monday, February 11, 2008

Party, then Haight St

So totally last minute plan, but it was the best idea so that we could get all the people together from across town, and then head out somewhere afterwards. Good times. We had a few drinks here and thankfully I had a few different things here so we had something to serve people. We chilled for a couple of hours which was awesome, and then headed out to a bar on Haight St, which played really good music, and everyone had a great time. Awesome!! It was a bit of a Sept-Dec 2006 Pixar intern reunion, Sarah, Bill, Yisheng, Kurt, Me... awesome times.

Chris and Jessica

Seth, Eric and Kurt

Jess's cool new purple hair, awesome

Me and Frizzle-Grizzle

Yisheng rockin' out

Me looking like I am running a corporate meeting with Bill and Sarah

Dec 2006 Pixar Intern reunion awesomness

Workin' it

Jess and Eric in iPhone web browser land

Another serious looking conversation for a party

Josh looking a bit hip hop

Kurt playing with silly putty

More silly putty fascination

Sarah in my siiiiiiiiiiiick Marc Ecko Star Wars hoodie!!!

Me protecting Sarah from the elements

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