Monday, February 11, 2008

EBC'in it, and P-Dizzin' it

Today was awesssssssssssome.

Instead of schlepping all the way back to Oakland last night, Chris slept on my air mattress, which again was amazing because he offered to drive us all to Emeryville instead of us having to take the BART and the bus. Sweet.

We headed to EBC for an 'ol time brunch like the good 'ol intern days. It was really fun. We had some of the old greasy food which was great, and saw some of our favourite waitresses there. They were so happy to see us and it was just really awesome to be there at our old hangout. Then I finaaaaaaaaally got my new hard drive!!!! That is soooo awesome, and I've been planning on getting it for so long. It's become a necessity lately (since now I have 150Mb free on my computer), and I really need to do some backups of my files and especially my photos. Good stuff.

Then off to Pixar to hang out with Sarah and make sure our sweet, special hidden Pixar Intern-created hideaway room was still intact (and it is, and it rocks)... good stuff. Signed the wall in there again with today's date!! Awesome.

Then dropped off Kurt and hung out with Chris a bit, and then Sarah and I headed back across the bay. There were several more ridiculous adventures along the way, including hitting a pothole on the corner of Fell St and Laguna St in San Francisco. The funniest thing was that as we hit it, the front left hubcap of Sarah's car flew off. We stopped and parked and went looking for the hubcap - the guy Sarah got it from said, "I said to my buddy, as soon as you turned the corner... oh, her hubcap's gonna fly off for sure"... apparently this corner is notorious for flying hubcaps?!??! I guess this specific pothole is perfectly sized to send your hubcaps flying. Hilarious. We got the hubcap back on and then headed back to Haight St. Chilled for a bit, then had some random left over food and chatted a bunch, great times. It was great to catch up with Sarah and everyone else too so much over this weekend, I haven't seen them in quite a while, so it sure was nice to spend some quality time with my old friends. Awesome.

Elona and Chris at EBC

Phelpssssssin' ittttttttt!!

Alex and Elona workin' the EBC

Kurt and Sarah rockin' the P-Dizz

Wandering around at Pixar for 'ol times sake

These are the load lifters that the walkers in Star Wars were based on!!!!!

Kurt and I at Chris's place

Sarah in a sunglassy mood

Chris and Kurt

Sarah in a pensive mood

Sarah after we got the hubcap back on the car

Super cooool van we saw taking photos of the street, Google Maps style

My awesome new hard drive, sooooooo awesome

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