Friday, February 15, 2008

An evening of sorting out virtual stuff

Tonight was good for sorting out my "virtual" stuff, like files and directories on my computer, finally transferring stuff of my old hard drive to the new one, answering a bunch of emails and Facebook messages and so on. Good stuff.

My old hard drive was making noise and I was pretty worried about losing data so I am glad I got the new one. It is really nice, it seems really fast and it is working well already. Also it turns on and off automatically with my computer, which is fantastic!! That is great because the other one was pretty annoying with having to turn the power button on and off all the time. Now I can just leave the new one plugged in all the time and it's like I just have a 2nd hard drive that happens to be 500 GB!! Awesome.

Alrighty what else. I just bought Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope" and Michael Chabon's "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" and I am really excited to read those.

Tonight got some Visa stuff organized too which is always useful and good to sort out. Looks like there are some super cool parties at GDC next week, so I signed up for some of those and that should be totally awesome.

It's a long weekend this weekend which is really good. I am getting Cable TV on Saturday which is sweet, and then hopefully I can take my bike into the shop to get the seat adjusted and the handlebars fixed, I want them to tune it up a bit and hopefully they can do that. Since it's a long weekend I really need to spend it at home doing housework and finally getting my place sorted out. There is still so much stuff packed here from 6 months ago, and it's pretty hardcore ridiculous that I haven't unpacked it yet. It's really out of hand and so I want to take care of it. If I spend almost all weekend on it, I can probably do most of it, and that would be awwwesome. I'd finally have space in my dining room to put more stuff, and I can then spend some time getting my guitars cleaned and then getting back into some recording which would be really fun. Looking forward to getting this place a bit more organized this weekend.

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