Saturday, February 16, 2008

I have Cable TV!!

Wahoo! So finally after having a TV since the end of October, I have Cable TV!! The dude from Comcast came today and it was really crazy, he was here for an hour and couldn't get the TV to display the channels for some reason. Finally I figured out you could display all the channels in a 3x3 matrix of squares, each with a different channel on it. But if you tried to "zoom in" to any of these, they were fuzzy and didn't work!! Crazy!!!!!!

So eventually the dude left since he had technically "hooked up my cable", we just couldn't figure out how to get the TV to show the channels right. After he left I had a quick thought of genius and decided I should probably try re-routing the cable through the VCR and then out to the TV through RCA cables. The DVD player has been working fine, and so the RCA inputs on the TV are obviously working just fine, it's just the Coaxial input is all messed up for some reason. So I connected the cable through the VCR and out to the TV, plugged it in... and it worked right away. Awesome! Then I managed to figure out how to program the VCR to skip channels and, more importantly, I got the TV remote to work for the VCR so I don't have to use the annoying VCR remote. Fantastic. So now I can turn on everything from one remote, and flip channels on the VCR with the same remote too. So, with 1 week to go until the very important awesome Oscar Ceremony that I obviously have to watch, I have TV finally!!! Sweeeeeeeeeet.

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