Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going to see some Monet Waterlillies!!

Today I am just biding my time on the internet here until the Orangerie opens, this is a sweeeeeeet Art Gallery with a ton of Monet's artwork. So I am off there today and my friends Olaf and Inga from Germany have left now, they were very nice!! They told me I can come visit them in Frankfurt if I end up there. How nice!!

I have just rocked the free Hostel breakfast again, lots of bagettes and coffee and it was great. My new friend Sarah from Australia left today as well but there are lots of new people coming in and out of the hostel, good times.

On the topic of Monet, I am going to see Monet's HOUSE!!! It is in Giverny, this tiny town of 500 people. I am going to head over there maybe later this week, there is a combined train/bike trip, you take a train most of the way and then you have rented bikes and bike along a river bank to Monet's house and gallery and garden (which he created to inspire his artwork)... that is SO cool I can't even wait.

Last night we went to Sacre-Coeur at like midnight and it was totally insane. Marcelo, another one of my roommates who is from Chile, came with and brought cups and a bottle of wine!! Haha it was nuts, there were like 500 people at least chillin' on the steps of Sacre-Coeur, drinking wine, looking at the view of Paris and playing guitar and singing etc!! So amazing. What a cool atmosphere.

Anyway I am running out of time here at this Internet Café. I'll blog again soon with more photos. I am learning francais at an alarmingly awesome rate, so that is sweet. By the end of the month here in France I'll be speaking French better than I speak English!! :)

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Colin said...

Tu parle francais?

Comme bonne-gore? Ca c'est la meilleur francais jamais!

Enjoy Mike, France is an awesome place with some awesome sites, sounds, and tastes.