Sunday, January 14, 2007

Awesome new Cars toys

This is super awesome. 2 more sets of Cars toys seem to have appeared and they are AWESOME!!!!!!! I am going to check for them at regular stores before going nuts and paying too much on Ebay for them. Ohhhhhhhh man they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

These are Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc. (as you all know, the best film ever made) in Car form from the end of the movie "Cars" in the end credits part of the movie. Amazing.

Also Guido and Luigi with their Ferrari racing fan stuff is super cool and that looks a lot like a fluffy wig on Guido the Car, pretty super amazing. I definitely have to get these and add to the collection. I've got every die-cast from Series 1 and all the movie moments plus the new releases following that (Nitroade, Leakless, Buzz and Woody, Cruisin' McQueen, Radiator Springs McQueen, Yellow Ramone and Fabulous Hudson Hornet.) Those are sweet and I just have Dirt Track McQueen and Hamm left out of all that are currently available. I've heard there could even be more coming, and clearly at this point I've got to keep up the collection. :) These are really cool to have on my desk and I looooove them. Amazing!!

Anyhow check out these pics, these toys might be the coolest things ever.

Mike and Sulley as Cars

Guido and Luigi with Ferrari clothing on!

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