Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sort-out time!

Today feels like sort-out time for a whole bunch of stuff. Sending lots of emails and just started an Excel Graph/Spreadsheet to track my weight loss plan and sent an image of my photographs to CDS International, Inc. (my Visa agency for the U.S.A.), sent Thank-You letters to the two sponsors of the two scholarships I won this term, and doing a whole bunch of other stuff too.

Nick got an awesome fancy digital scale so I'll keep a weekly tab on the progress of my working out/nutrition/healthy eating focus. I'd call it a "diet" but it's really not just that - I'm still eating basically what I was eating before, just a bit more fruit, more water, and a bit less juice and chocolate. :) The problem with me has always been portion size and not enough exercise. So I am working hard to change those 2 things and it seems to be making a big difference already. If it's super awesome by the end of term I'll celebrate (but preferably with buying more Cars toys or something and not with just eating a lot of food) hehe. :) Good times!!!!!!!!!! Anyway totally psyched about this new focus and I think it's going quite well already.

24 starts tonight but I think I am going to opt-out of this season, hehe. I just watched it last term with my Pixar homeys and it was sweet but I already have enough on the go. I am keeping up with the usual Scrubs and The O.C. watching (sweeet) and I think that's enough for this term.

Anyhoo, planning on listening to a couple of lectures from my DE class tonight, so I should get going on those. I wonder if Simpsons is on tonight? :)

Hehe as you can see from my super random post I'm still in the sortof-settled-but-not-quite scenario. I finally got some awesome photos of my homeys/Jutan Clan up around my desk and also here's another random photo of Matt and Jer from last week when we went to the Bomber.

Matt and Jer last week

My desk decorations

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