Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My America Photo Contest website

Earlier this month I sent in my photo submission for the My America Photo Contest through CDS International, Inc., my Visa Sponsor to the U.S.A. Most of you have probably seen these pictures already but here they are in super-high res if you are interested.

Check it ooout.

Lots of homework today but wow I got a lot done. Last night I was also up until 4am like tonight, and finished my History essay and my ActSci lecture and my ActSci assignment. Then I got 4 hours of sleep and schlepped to school fro 8:30am class, and then did my 2 hour workout today in between class. I am insane.

Tonight I started my CS essay but had to take an hour nap because I couldn't pay attention and was so tired. But after that and plenty of food I got back into the essay and researched and wrote the 2,000 word CS essay tonight!! Insane. I am sooo glad I got it finished. I've got a bunch of stuff this week so it's been great to rock through most of it over the past 3 days. Tomorrow I've got to study for Music but then that is the end of the huge amount of work from this week which is nice. A couple of things for next week but it won't be as nuts at this week which is always good. I'd like to go to Toronto and hang out with Matt and Alex this week but I still have too much to do. Maybe I'll see them on one of the days or maybe just another weekend instead. We'll see how it goes I guess!! Great JSA Bagels and Lox lunch again today. Man that stuff is good.

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marv said...

Wow dude, beautiful photos. Reminds me of my internship at Google. I was just wondering since I took part in the text-portion of the contest: Did you ever hear back from CDS? Just concerned I missed the list of winners or something.