Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chillin' with my boys

It's been an awesome few days over here in Waterloo. I'm spending a lot of time doing a lot of stuff I don't usually do at school - working out at the Gym, seeing my Sister a lot, hanging out with my friends from London, dancing/cuttin' it up all night at the Bomber... amazing. I am really enjoying it and hoping that this term won't be too nuts and I can keep most of this stuff going all term. Especially important is the eating well and gym stuff which I am going to really be very careful and serious about.

Tonight was sweet, we went to Phil's, I've never been there and everyone says it's a really gross and dirty bar which smells bad and so on. :) Hehe it was much better than I expected, though yeah I guess it did smell a bit. Hehe we went there for Casandra's going-away party, Casandra is a friend from VOC (Frosh Leading) at Waterloo and she is off to Australia for a year so we hung out with her and her friends tonight. Lots of fun.

Anyway it's 3:48am and I better get to bed. Lots more fun tomorrow and hopefully plenty more working out and so on over the weekend. Good times!!

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