Saturday, January 27, 2007

Selling my Lonely Planet France guide

So I bought Lonely Planet France, Italy, Greece and Greek Islands a few months ago in the USA. I was just looking on Chapters a day or two ago to decide what to spend my Chapters Gift Certificate on... and it looks like there is a NEW Lonely Planet France guide already!! I checked when I bought mine to see if there were any new ones on the "Coming Soon" list, and none of them were there. So it looks like there was a new France one and mine is about 2 years old. This isn't a big deal usually, but the recommendations for hostels and stuff are usually much better if they are recent.

I signed up for an MarketPlace account, this is kindof like or Ebay for selling books, and I am going to sell my old one for much less than other people, so the "upgrade" price to the new edition should only be a few dollars for me. Good times!

I also started looking at some flights to France and it looks like there might be a few places that have great deals. Looks like I can definitely get a return flight Toronto to Paris for about $600 or $700 Canadian which is pretty sweet. Also I have to decide soon if Spain and Portugal are going to be added to my travel destinations. I'm not sure as I want to spend a lot of time in Greece too. I guess I better get started on the reading of these books and planning my trip soon!! Oh maaaaaaan it is going to be awwwwwwesssooome!!!!!!!!!!

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