Tuesday, January 16, 2007

XLib Programming

Today I started on the UI Assignment, it's an XLib Programming assignment for XWindows!! Pretty 'ol school stuff but definitely interesting. I am really enjoying it already, I thought it would take forever to get going on it, but it's working out pretty well.

As a test run I coded up our Prof's example from class, a super quick drawing program. It is incredibly simple and was quick to get going and the details totally make lots of sense now which is great.

Here are my fantastic drawing skills with the mouse. :)

Sweet times!!!!!! I am doing a memory card turn-over game in XLib for this class, fun stuff. It wasn't a huge amount of work to get it going today which was great, as I wasn't sure how much work this Assignment might be. Hopefully I'll get a bunch more done tomorrow and I'll get some screenshots posted if they look cool. :)

Instead of doing this on Linux I am trying it out with Eclipse on Windows and then running an XTerm through Cygwin. It's actually working out really well and it's a pretty good setup. Man Eclipse is AWESOME!!!!!!

Anyway just a bit of Computery stuff tonight. Also I had some awesome tea at Karen's apartment and hung out with Yung and Nick a whole bunch. Happy times.

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