Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good times with my Waterloo crew!

Tonight was nuts. I read lots this afternoon and finished my book for History which is great, so now I can get started on my essay tomorrow. Tonight we went to Maharaja Palace but unfortunately it's closed for renovations!! I love that place so that's too bad we couldn't eat there for dinner. Instead we went to the Heuther Hotel and it was pretty fun, junky bar food like chicken tenders but they were good. Joel and Jer were there which rooocked and Tim came in from Toronto to hang out so that was totally sweeeeeeet!! After that we went to the Princess Theatre to try to see Pan's Labyrinth but it was sold out, that was too bad but instead we went to Symposium and hung out there, I ate a legendary cherry cheesecake and it was fantastic. Talked about music and stuff and hung out a bunch with the guys... fantastic.

After this we went to the Fox & The Fiddle to hang out with Jeff for his birthday. This was nuts, we had the entire back room there and there was an AWESOME live band playing, they played tons of John Mayer and Jack Johnson songs, it was reaaaaaaally good. We played some pool, hung out a bunch and talked about a bazillion things, lots of nice people there and good friends from school and VOC (Frosh Leading) and also a lot of people I didn't know too well and it was great to get to know them a bit better. All in all, a fantastic night and plenty of cool people and awesome homeys. Man I love this socializing this term. Hehe I guess the reduction in programming classes this term is inversely correlated to my social life and my exercise. :) Ohhh man. What a great time. I spent hours and hours at JSA last night too. I am loooving JSA this term. We eventually had a discussion that when you put on Tefillin (something Jewish people wear during a certain set of prayers), you wrap it around your arm and then hold it for a moment while you affix the headpiece, and then continue wrapping the arm. The explanation was that you do this because the arm or hand represents action, the act of doing things.... and that no action can (or should) be made before the mind decides to do it. This is soooooooo awesome because I really feel like that is something I care a lot about - the idea of using your mind to judge a situation and act accordingly. The idea of looking at something or a circumstance and deciding the correct course of action based on what variables are visible and available to your decision-making abilities. Very interesting and awesome. This also ties into the common lesson "If you mess something up, it's your own fault. If you make a bad decision, you must take ownership of it, admit that you were wrong, and fix it yourself." I think too many people in the world find other people, circumstances, things, etc to blame their pitfalls on... rather than just admitting they messed up and they need to fix it.

Anyway enough of a rant for tonight, it's 3:23am and it's time for some sleep. I went to bed too late last night too so I gotta get a decent sleep tonight so I can start rockin' that essay tomorrow. Word.

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