Monday, January 01, 2007

More pics from last week

Here are some more sweet pics from last week's party with Ans and Tim. There is a super cool Bling-ed out watch photo where the camera flash just caught my watch... "I got so much Ice on my wrist, you could skate on it!!"

Whhhaat upppp!


Ans and Jess

Bustin' some moves


And now for a random photo

Hangin' at Tim's house

Rockin' some Dave Matthews

Workin' it, guitar-style

Guitar playing

Nice fireplace and chillin'

Hehe, I'm really excited to be here!!

Me pretending to "hippie dance"

Bling Blingin'


At Alex P. Keaton's

Chillin' with Jess


Bustin' a move

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