Saturday, January 20, 2007

Finished card game for UI

Tonight I went to school and did a bunch of programming and then hung out with my sister for a bit, she made me some awesome tea and biscuits and stuff, it roooccked!!!!!!! She had some legendary challah she made too. Man she is good at making that challah!! I gotta join up next time she makes it so I can score a few loaves for my house. Awesome.

Also finished up my UI Assignment today which is totally sweet. It is a memory card game, where you have to click on cards and match them up. I've got a high score thing working, some cool UI features and stuff and also managed to get all of the requirements done and add a few more things to it. Good times!

Rocked some Bubble Tea again tonight after finishing up programming at school at like Midnight. That was good, and glad Joel and I got a bunch of work done today, I think Joel has a fair bit more to do tomorrow but hopefully he's a lot of the way there too. I'm happy to be done so I can relax tomorrow a bit and have a real weekend day. :)

Just chatting with my buddy Alex now, sounds like he had a great time skiing over the weekend.

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