Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Moving back to Waterloo, Bubble Tea

This morning I took the Greyhound from Toronto back to Waterloo and moved into Res!! Very cool to be back in Res and Yung and Nick are my roommates!! Yung's friend Evelyn came up from Toronto to help us move and she was reaaaaally helpful which was awesome. We all helped carry each other's stuff so the moving in was very quick!!

In the afternoon we got groceries and then packed the fridge and stuff. It is really an awesome apartment and I think we are going to have a fantastic time here!!

Turns out my friend Karen from VOC is donning in this area, which rooocccks!!!! In the evening we went to Mongolian Grill, then I got my bike from my old apartment and then we all went for Bubble Tea. Here are some pics from today.

Just moving in

Sweet room

Slick bathroom


We have one of those cool and weird apartment calling things!!!)

Another nice pic of the lounge

Clean fridge

Nice cupboards

Sweet stove

Yung at Bubble Tea

Me rockin' out

Evelyn is relaxing before driving home


Workin' it

Yung and Evelyn

Me and Evelyn striking a pose

Hip Hop style

Whhaattt uuupppp!!!!!!

Yung, Evelyn and Nick

Karen in her room

Karen cutting me some "Chinese Cake"

Karen cut too much cake so she tried to make it thinner so we could share it, and tried slicing it down the middle, and then that was too hard. It was hilarious and we photo-documented this awesome event!!!!

Haha us and our cake

My clothes all unpacked

Cars Sheets ready for use!!!!!

My books

Desk and computer setup

Cool closeup of Mike Wazowski

Buzz and Woody Cars

Luigi and Guido

Awesome one of Hudson Hornet


malarki said...

wow. even the sheets. :-) i didn't know they made those.

Simply Me said...

I totally approve of the room set up, not that I wouldn't go in and change a few things cause well... you know how I do :)