Friday, January 12, 2007

JSA, Bubble Tea, Working out

Today was sweet, just 1 class today and then off to the Gym AGAIN for other workout. I've been going pretty much every single day, I've only missed maybe 1 or 2 days in the past 10 days, and those days I went to Bomber and danced all night. Good times.

Today was clubs day at Waterloo and I got to chill at the JSA Booth (Waterloo Jewish Students Association), met a couple of new students and let them know about some of our events. Lots of cool kids around this term and a great bunch of friends from previous terms of course.

Yung was waiting around for hours for me to get back, I didn't realize that. Hehe but after Nick got back we all went for Bubble Tea and yes, it was awesome and yes, I was just there yesterday. :)

Great times so far this term at school, not too much pressure or anything too nuts yet, and it should stay decently like this. I am making 2 things the forefront of this term: working out/eating better and socializing. :) This is what I had planned and looks like it's going very well so far. This term is not going to be overly busy which is good, and also I need to get planning my trip to Europe soon too. Sweeeeeeet.

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