Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years 2006 in Toronto

This New Years was reaaaaaaaaaaaally awesome. I was partyin' at my friend Matt and Matt's apartment!! It is one of those super sweet high-rise apartment buildings in downtown Toronto, and yes, it was awesome. Lots of Matt's friends and Jen's friends from Waterloo came for the party, and also P. Coleman from work came with his girlfriend and Ans, Tim and Alex showed up for a bit which also rocked. P. Coleman is back in Canada now for school so it was cool to see him back here in Canada!!! Super amazing party and lots of cool people, it roooccked.

The usual Jutan and P. Coleman photo

Cool photo of Matt and Jen


Another good one

The view from Matt's balcony

Nash and I on the balcony

Me, Ans and Tim rockin' on the balcony

Me and P. Cole

Bustin' a move

Alex looking like Steven Colbert

Alex looking serious


Jen before breaking one of the glow in the dark stir sticks

Cheese Fudge... yes it tastes as good as it sounds!! :)

Sweet lights on the street at night

Whhhaaaat uuuuppppp!!!

Ans and Tim

Rob being crazy

Rockin' at the party

Rob in another crazy photo

Haha Jen' s head is being proped up by 2 pillows!!

Breakfast time!!

Sweet clouds outside and other apartment buildings

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