Friday, January 26, 2007

Math Awards Banquet 2007

Wow today was nuts!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my day... go to bed at 3:45am after a night of dancing at Bomber. Wake up at 7:50am to go to class. Coffee. 1.5 hour debate-style discussion lecture. Hanging out with Yung for a bit. 1.5 hour full workout at the Gym. Lunch, more coffee. Reading for History. History class. Walk home. Snack. Reading for 1 hour. Shower, shave, gel my hair. Pick out clothes for the Math Awards Banquet. Pack stuff for class in my jacket. Walk to South Campus Hall in the -16 Degree weather (-24 with windchill!!) Then an ammaazing fancy dinner with Profs from CS and Math and all the other award recipients! Then photo, receive my scholarship award (sweet!) Then say goodbye to the new friends at my table and run to class (already 1 hour into my night class). Arrive in class still wearing my tux jacket and name badge. Frantically scribble down Joel's notes for 20 minutes. Another 1.5 hours of class. Walk back in the cold (now -21, feels like -26 at least... for my American homeys that's about -15 degrees Fahrenheit!!) Go to Bubble Tea. Socialize with the cool people there. Drink Bubble Tea. Play cards for an hour. Get a ride home from an old friend so we don't have to walk in the cold. Console Yung and Nick from their eventful evenings. Check my email. Listen to a Dave Matthews song. Watch Ever After with Yung. Eat some more snacks. Discuss the pitfalls of modern MTV society and pop music with Yung. Convince Yung that Dave Matthews Band is the best band in the universe. And now... blog about my insane day!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew. So yes that was my day which was full of tons and tons of stuff. Man I can't believe I did all of that on 4 hours of sleep. Crazy!!

Anyhoo... here are some pics from the ammmaaaziiing Math Faculty Awards Banquet Dinner from tonight!!

Place settings at my table

Awesome decorations

Waterloo sign

Main course, Chicken with Ginger sauce, potatoes, carrots, zucchini and cauliflower.

Aawwwesssooommme Mango dessert

My table with several CS and Math Professors and a few other awards recipients

Another table picture

Me with Byron, the CS Prof who wrote our CS 133 Textbook!

Joel and I looking off into the distance at the Bubble Tea shop

Me and Jocelyn chillin' at the Bubble Tea shop

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