Sunday, January 07, 2007

Silly internet stuff, working out

Well this is a quick post from my roommate Nick's computer!! Hehe looks like my school internet stopped working on Saturday and I have to wait until Monday for them to fix it. Oh well. Hehe so yes with my internet down I actually went to bed at a somewhat decent time last night (only 2am!!!) Sweet deals.

I have been very serious about the working out, doing cardio now every single day since Thursday except for 1 day and weightlifting and stretching and stuff every other day. Sweet well looks like Nick needs his computer so I am back to the lounge now. Mmm my apartment smells good cause all my roommates are cooking food that smells tasty. Happy days!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to start some reading tonight for school that I need to do. Looks like a lot of reading and essays this term, much different than the usual term. Hopefully I'll keep the working out at this fierce pace and also keep seeing friends and enjoying my last term here at Waterloo.

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Simply Me said...

working out, I'm so proud of you! Crazyness cause Taylor is working out too.... hmm did you guys plan this or something!!
Miss ya, blogs lookin good. Don't forget to follow up with mine, I use it everyday!!