Sunday, January 28, 2007

Busy week, The O.C. and Essays

Busy day today!! Last night was great and I was out pretty late with Jeremy and Joel and a bunch of friends from school, it was really fun and lots of cool people there.

Today we had a "Laundry Party" which was pretty hilarious, my Don here in Residence gave us all free laundry today which roooccked. I washed my sheets and my towel!!! Haha I kept forgetting to do that in the States and my Mom said that was gross and I should wash my towel more often cause if you don't it gets super gross and starts smelling weird. So that was a good idea I reckon!!

Anyway other than random free laundry, we went grocery shopping and I got like 5 tubs of Yoghurt. Man that stuff is legendary. Also some sweeeeet grapes today, and the usuals like tons of tomatoes and stuff. Yes, I just posted my grocery shopping on here.

Cool so yes after that I got home and then worked on homework for a good 7 hours or so. I wrote my essay for History which was super intense and I need to edit it a bunch tomorrow and tighten it up a bit. I also did an ACTSCI lecture which is good because I have an Assignment due this week and I still need to catch up on one more lecture before I can do it.

Man what a busy week coming up!! I didn't think I'd get too busy with so many reading and essay classes but wow it's nuts this week. I've got 2 essays due on Thursday, an Assignment due Wednesday, some reading to do and a Midterm for Music on Thursday!! Crazyness. Should be totally fine cause I finished one of the essays almost today, and I should be able to finish it completely tomorrow and do the assignment for Wednesday. Then Tuesday I can rock the CS Essay and then Wednesday I can study for my Music Midterm for Thursday. Haha wow yes busy week coming up. When I am finally done all this stuff I can start working on my UI Programming assignment which is due next Monday.

So other than a ton of work today, I just watched last week's episode of The O.C., man that show is AWESOME this season!!!!!! It's so intense and crazy and they really seemed to pick up the writing this season. The stories are so crazy and intricate and they are really rockin' it out. I love it. Just when it started to get good again it's been cancelled. That's too bad but at least they are doing an awesome job this season and making it really good. Also Simpsons tonight was insane too!! Man lots of good TV lately and not enough time to watch it. I saw Scrubs from a couple of weeks ago where they did the crazy musical and it was just great.

So yes I guess that's about all I've got to write at the moment, just gettin' stuff done and getting through the truckload of work!! I guess it's not too bad compared to the usual workload, so I'm sure it'll go smoothly and probably faster than I expect it to.

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