Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Winter time in Waterloo!

Well it's definitely winter! Big snowfalls over the past few days, and we even had a -14 Celsius Day already, that's about 6.8 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends South of the Border. That is pretty mild as long as the wind isn't too nuts. There have been a few really cold days, but nothing too nuts yet. No -30's yet but I'm sure we'll get some of those soon enough. :)

Here are a few pics of the snow and also of some of my Dons making us all food, we had a Res Brunch one day and it roooccked.

Today was the JSA Bagels and Lox day and yes, it rocked. I ate so much smoked salmon that it was pretty ridiculous, but still legendary.

Winter in Waterloo

Karen making lots of scrambled eggs

Natalie the master pancake maker

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Simply Me said...

your snow pics make me smile my dear friend!!!