Sunday, November 25, 2007

Black Friday

So "Black Friday" in the USA has nothing to do with a stock market crash or some terrible thing, it's actually this crazy shopping day, kindof like the American version of Canada's Boxing Day. Anyway it was cool, we decided not to be nuts and get tackled by the crowds too early. Instead we headed downtown a bit later, chilled out, I bought Frank and Jess's wedding present, got a nice cheese plate and cheese spreading knives at Macy's, got a new hoodie at Urban Outfitters, and Jocelyne got some presents and so on for people. We went to a bunch of stores and got some Coffee in Union Square too.

In the evening we went out to some pubs and met Orion in the Van Ness/Union area and it was ok, kindof a lot of random weird annoying jerks out at the bars that night, so we weren't keen on their antics and we took off to a quieter and nicer spot down the road on Broadway.

At the first pub

The second pub, a bit classier

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