Monday, November 12, 2007

Visit to Skywalker Ranch with Matt

Friday morning I took off to work and then at lunch Matt came to work and we watched the recent ILM reels in the Premier theater which was cool so Matt could check out the sound system!!

Then Matt and I went off to Skywalker Ranch for lunch! It was aaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzing!!!!!!!!!! I got this absolutely amazingly fantastic fish that I found out that the chef had marinated for 3 hours!! It was sooooooooo good. Amazing food and soooo nice to chill in the Main House at Skywalker Ranch!!!!! Ohhhhh man I love it there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was able to give Matt a tour of the main house and we saw a bunch of props from LucasFilm movies!! Then we went to the Gift Shop and bought a bunch of cool stuff and then to the Technical Building but we couldn't really look around there so after that we headed back to San Francisco.

Matt then headed to the City and I went back to work. In the evening there was a really cool fashion show at work with some cool new clothes that are available... good times. In the evening I went downtown to meet Matt and we went for supper to House of Nan King. Then off to Cafe Trieste for some Cappuccino and then we met up with Orion and Sarah and hung out with them for a bit.

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge

We drove past the Autodesk Headquarters in San Rafael

The Big Rock!!

At House of Nan King and rockin' my new hat!!

Matt at House of Nan King

American Zoetrope building

Cappuccino at Cafe Trieste

Chinatown gate

Chillin' with Orion and Sarah

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