Monday, November 26, 2007

Muir Woods and Mt Tam

I took Jocelyne on the same trip I went to with Matt a couple weekends ago, and it was great. It is now the official "Jutan's friends in California" day trip to the north of the Bay and it roooooooooooooocked. Today was a lot different than when I went with Matt cause it was a lot clearer and not rainy or foggy, good times. So that was nice, I liked the "mood" inside the forest when it was foggy when Matt was here, but it was still nice in there today. Jocelyne and I had a nice, long walk in there and it was a great place to get away from the noise and bustle and (attempting not to sound like a total San Francisco hippie here)... to get back to nature and spend some time contemplating life in a quiet, calm area. Very verrrrrry awesome. It was great and I think Jocelyne had a great time too.

I got the same coffee I had a couple weeks ago with Matt at the Muir Woods store, this fancy "shade grown" Starbucks coffee, it is actually really quite nice.

Then back into the car and we took off up Mt Tam. This time it was much clearer than when Matt and I went, so it didn't have that cool misty stuff going on, but we did get some nice views and the start of a pretty slick sunset on the way back down the mountain. The drive back to the city was nice and not a lot of traffic today which was great. We even had spare time so we drove down Lombard St before dropping off the car.

This evening we went to my favourite Indian food place again, man I love that place.

Then we bought tickets to see Lars and The Real Girl which I've been wanting to see for AGES, and it turns out that we were so tired from the walking and the Indian food that we started watching Arrested Development and passed out here and woke up just before the movie was going to start. This sucked because we already bought our tickets!! Arrgh!! So anyway, that was a bugger, and we didn't have enough time to get there. So Jocelyne is going to try to swap our tickets tomorrow but not sure if it's going to work.

Anyway great day, and Jocelyne must be exhausted to all the touristy stuff I am dragging her too, she has been asleep for 3 hours already so finally I have time to catch up on my blogging. :) Well, good times. So much cool stuff coming up in the next month, some major traveling and generally awesome times.

Golden Gate Bridge


Rockin' the iPod Adapter in the car

Walking in Muir Woods


Man I love this place

Jocelyne and some trees

The view on the way up Mt Tam

Driving up Mt Tam

At the top of Mt Tam

Chillin' at Mt Tam

And another random photo of me


Just trying to get one decent photo for the blog!! :)

Amazing view of the Bay and the city

Sweeeeeeeet Sunset

Pretty amazing sunset on the drive back

We had to stop and take another photo


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