Monday, November 19, 2007

Market, Work party, Mexican food

Oh maaaaaaan Saturday was awesome!!!!!

I started off the day by heading to the Ferry Building as usual and met Jen and Tara there. We got some potatoes from the new place I love there and then I introduced Jen to the legendary Blue Bottle Coffee Co., and I think she was impressed (obviously, since it's the best coffee in the world) hehe. :) Man I loooooooove that Coffee!!

Then after lunch we headed down Market St and Eduardo picked me up. We then headed down along the coast, and my manager Cary had invited our team to his house for dinner, and it was just AMAZING. Cary's wife did such an amazing job making such good food for everyone and it was such a nice place and a nice area, I just loved it. The dessert was unbelievably awesome too. It was so great to hang out with all of the people from my team and what a nice atmosphere it was too. Good times!!

Then I headed back home and actually went to a really cool Mexican restaurant near my place that I haven't been to before. I met Frank, Josh and Jon there, who were chillin' because Jess was having a party with some of her friends in the city that night. We hung around there for a bit and had a couple margaritas and then we all came back to my place for some manly "Pomma-tinis" (yes, I'm serious) and some Chappelle's Show and some hardcore discussion of work and training and TDs and Maya vs MAX vs Houdini and the future of Animation in general. Good stuff. Stephan stopped by just before the guys headed off so it was cool to see him too!

At the Ferry Building

Eduardo and I chillin' on the coast


Jeff, Florian and Lee no doubt solving the problems of the Universe


Admiring the ocean

Amazing tree forests

A few black and white photos, classy!!

More artsy photos


The weather was very foggy, but gave the walk a very nice mood

That apple spice cake was just absolutely awesome

Josh and Jon at the Mexican food place


What up!

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