Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finally, answering my emails

Oy, what a crazy few weeks!!

I have had such an awesome past few weeks, work is awesome, after work stuff is awesome, chillin' with Matt and Orion a bunch, doing ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun and AWESOME and exciting stuff at work, it is freakin' SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! And lots of visitors lately too. My "brother" Matt Lausch came to visit (see pictures in the blog from his visit) and it was glorious and we did some massive sightseeing and partied super insanely majorly fierce. Good times. Then Jen Ballentine came to visit with her friend Tara and it was super awesome to see them a bunch, get some nice coffee and food and watch some weird and also awesome movies with them. Wow I sure said "awesome" a lot in this paragraph. Insane.

Last night Orion called me at 11:15pm and hinted that he wanted to come into San Francisco from Sacramento... right then and there!! So I said no problem, he got here last night at 1:15am!!!!!! He was aiming to be here early today so it was all good and we went to Matt's this morning and he has a new place downtown which is really cool. He also has 3 CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want them all. One is named "Mikey" and he rocks and the other 2 are super friendly too.

Orion is here for American Thanksgiving, which starts tomorrow and I have Thursday and Friday off work. Orion came over again tonight and we watched some Simpsons and stuff and then Matt came too and it was great to hang out. We did some grocery shopping for tomorrow and I bought a bunch of food so I am well stocked for when my friend Jocelyne arrives tomorrow!! So yes, the awesome Canadian visitor train continues, and I am super happy to be seeing everyone. Thanks goodness San Francisco is so awesome and attracts all my friends to come visit me here. :)

Anyway, with all the excitement and insanity in the air, I haven't had like 2 seconds (or, literally, 2 hours) to spare to answer my emails. So I must have just been typing emails now for about the past 3 hours. Pretty much necessary to catch up cause I had a whole bunch I hadn't written back to. Anyway good stuff and I am pretty much caught up now. And I just sold 2 things on Ebay and that was pretty successful. Good times. I kinda want to try to sell some more stuff just to get rid of it and clear out some stuff from my apartment that I no longer need or want, and make some money to pay off all the traveling I am doing lately as well. Seems like a good idea to me!!!!!!!!!

Anyway finally taken care of all the stuff, and the apartment is decently clean for when Jocelyne arrives and then for all the crazy Thanksgiving related partying that we are all obviously going to do over the next few days. Good times!!

Things are great, and I've been blogging a bit less than usual lately due to all this stuff going on in the evenings too.

Seems like I am getting emails all the time now from prospective Pixar interns looking for advice on the Pixar process, what it's like to work there, details on how the internship program worked for me, and so on. :) I think I got 2 or 3 emails this week! I am happy to answer those kinds of questions, so if you're reading this right now and think I can help you, I'm happy to answer your questions, send 'em on over and I'll do my best to offer whatever advice I can come up with. No worries.

Wow what a busy few weeks. Going to be nice to have a nice little holiday here, but actually still lots of stuff going on, and hopefully lots of fun touristy stuff as usual!!!!

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