Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bye to Jocelyne

My friend Jocelyne, who has been visiting me from Canada for about 5 days, left this morning but we had lots of time to hang out yesterday before she left. I had work, but I gave her a short tour of work and then we had lunch. Then she went downtown and I met her down there after work. We decided to go for the Cheesecake Factory on top of Macy's downtown, it's a great spot and if you share food then it isn't quite so ridiculous (they are known for their large portions)... anyway it was great.

She left this morning by shuttle to the airport and actually it was quite good, cheap, quick, and exactly on time. I think she really enjoyed it here and it was fun for her to visit and meet some of my friends here. Now that she's gone back to Canada, that's the end of my 3-week stretch of Canadian visitors coming to San Francisco!! :) It was really fun, but yes now it'll be nice to clean up my apartment again and so on.

And now for the "Jocelyne and food" photo series.

Jocelyne and Hot Chocolate

San Francisco Union Square

Jocelyne and wings

Jocelyne and herb-encrusted salmon and mashed potatoes

Jocelyne ready to attack the cheesecake

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