Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Pixar Story by Leslie Iwerks

Today I saw the Leslie Iwerks documentary, "The Pixar Story" and it was absolutely amazing. She did a really fantastic job of capturing the uncertainty of the situation when Pixar was starting up, and how the company grew and all the problems that Pixar ran into with each new project. She really captured the vibe of Pixar very, very nicely and I was soooooooo impressed. It was REALLY cool to see old footage of John Lasseter and I didn't realize he won 2 Student Academy Awards back to back. Amazing. Also, did you know that John Lasseter was in the same CalArts graduating class as Brad Bird and Tim Burton?! Amazing.

It was a really brilliant documentary, and she answered questions afterwards. I asked her if she was planning on showing the documentary to kids, because I really think that this kind of story is just so so so so so so inspirational and amazing and helpful for kids trying to find their path in the world.

When I was young, my parents took me to the IMAX Film "Special Effects: Anything Can Happen", which just so happens to be a film created by ILM which talks about the Special Effects processes that they created for Star Wars and it is just sooooooooooooo amazing!!!!! I was about 15 when I saw this, and this was another one of those major clear events in my past that has completely driven my goals and intentions for my career. She captured the same spirit that the IMAX film had, but for Pixar, and I think that this is a very very very very positive and amazing message to send to kids... the main message is really that anything is possible, as long as you study hard, work even harder, and find your passion in life and follow it. Pretty awesome stuff.

Apparently it is coming out on DVD next year, sweeeeeeeeet.

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