Monday, November 12, 2007

Muir Woods, Frank's house, Berkeley

Saturday was nuts!!!!!!!

We rented a car on Saturday and I drove (in total) 150 Kilometres!! It was pretty hardcore, it ended up raining a lot but it wasn't raining too hard, and it was totally fine to drive and the mood inside the forest at Muir Woods was really nice with some rain.

We started off the day with a drive to Lombard St and drove down "The Crookedest Street in the World" which was sooooo fun! Then we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and all the way to Muir Woods. We got out there and took a really nice walk around Muir Woods for an hour or two. Then back to the store and I had a nice coffee and we chilled out for a bit. Then we drove up and around the windy roads going all the way up to Mt. Tam. It was really foggy up there so we didn't drive all the way to the top, just most of the way to enjoy the scenery, and then we headed back down to Highway 1. Then off to San Rafael to go to Frank's house!!

Frank and Jess invited us over for a Chili BBQ and it was soooooo good. A bunch of my old Pixar friends were there, and it was great to see them. Jess made me a special beef chili and it was soooooooooo good, we also had some mashed potato and corn on the cob, it was awesome. We stayed for quite a while and chatted, and then headed off to Berkeley! We drove over the Richmond Bridge this time, and over to Berkeley. First stop was The North Face Outlet that I always talk about. Matt got a really nice Winter Jacket, $130 on sale from $250! Nice deal and seems like a great jacket.

Then we went to Pyramid Brewery and celebrated Orion's birthday with Matt, Orion and Matt's old roommate Damon! That was fun and I had the "Soda Sampler" which was 4 small cups of different kinds of Pop that they make there, cause I was driving and didn't want to drink any non-soda things. :)

Then the day still wasn't over!! We drove over the Bay Bridge this time, and then headed back to my house to drop off stuff. Then to Safeway to get some snacks, then back to my place, dropped off the ZipCar and came back to my apartment with Matt, Orion and Matt's old roommate Damon. We had some food and drinks and watched Ratatouille which had just arrived the day before in my mailbox. Sweet deal!

Everyone loved Ratatouille and even more excitingly they loved my NAME IN THE CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about that, as usual. :)

After driving down Lombard St

Golden Gate Bridge


Muir Woods forest


Me walking in Muir Woods

More walking in Muir Woods

Amaaaaaazing picture of the fog on the drive to Mt. Tam


Sweeet driving

Matt at Frank's house

Stephan getting some Chili

Look at Frank goin' to town on that Chili!!


Me with Jon and Angelique

Emo Haircut photo

Orion's birthday ice cream!

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