Monday, November 19, 2007

Canadian homeys rockin' the San Francizzle

Haven't blogged much lately cause it's been pretty busy around here. Matt left on Tuesday and the same night I headed out to meet Jennifer Ballentine and her friend Tara downtown!! Good times. We chilled in Union Square and got some fancy Italian food in North Beach. I got some gnocchi, it was pretty good but I think I preferred the pasta I got down the road at Piazza Pellegrini, I think I'll suggest that to the next set of Canadian homeys that are up here and looking for good pasta in North Beach. :)

Anyhoo, great times and nice to meet Jen's friend and super awesome to see Jen of course, as usual! We headed to Cafe Trieste afterwards and chilled for a bit before walking back through Chinatown.

Thursday night the girls came to Lucas and we watched a movie at work, it was awesome to show them the theater and maaaaaaaaaaaan the movie was really artsy and weird, but I think they enjoyed the experience anyway. :)

Friday was super awesome cause Jen and Tara came to visit ILM again and also Judy Tran from my high school days showed up!!! It was nuts!!!!!!!!! Judy is visiting the area so it was pretty insane to see her and chat about a bunch of stuff. Looks like everyone wants to move out here to California. :) Friday night was fun, just some chillin' in Fisherman's Wharf area and we found a hilarious crab shack place, where I ordered... cheesecake. :) haha. But I did like the weird crab related cutlery and strange crab related utensils, but Jen and I had a plastic crab-eating-utensil fight rather than putting the utensils to their intended use. Also, the staff was insane and were dancing around the place and loudly singing happy birthday to several people. Rowdy times. :)

Judy, Jen and Tara at ILM for lunch

Awesome Macy's decorations


Out for some drinks and cheesecake

"Cheesecake Sampler' - awesome!!

Awesome pile of new Cars toys I got at a toy store downtown!!!!!!!

Yoooooooo Dinoco helicopter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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