Sunday, November 25, 2007

To the beach

Jocelyne arrived Thursday and we hung out here for a bit, she was a couple hours later than I expected because there was ice on the wings of the plane in Toronto and they sat on the runway for 2 extra hours to wait for the ice-defroster machine. Crazy!!

Anyway it was a great day when she arrived, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and about 17 degrees Celcius, a bit nicer than the -8 degrees Celcius in Toronto the same morning.

We had some lunch and this time I tried making the classic Jutan Caprese Salad but with fresh basil leaves this time. Worked pretty well actually, so I'll do that next time too.

Jocelyne brought me a card signed from different people from the Tea Shop in Waterloo which was really nice, and a copy of the Waterloo newspaper which was funny to see.

Set up for lunch

Jutan the Chef?!?!? Well sortof... I can cut of vegetables pretty well now!

Jocelyne is here!

Jocelyne trying to figure out how to sit on the bus benches

Footprints in the sand

Ocean Beach

Workin' it

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