Sunday, November 18, 2007

Canadian Visitor Month

It is a crazy week of friends from Canada visiting. Matt left on Tuesday and the same night I went out to meet Jennifer Ballentine, this super sweet girl I went to elementary school with. Jen and her friend Tara are here on vacation for a week so I've been hanging out with them a bunch. More on that later. Also Judy Tran, an old friend/student council co-member with me from high school came to visit this weekend, she's also up here on vacation and just enjoying the city, so cool to see Judy too.

Today I went for dinner to my manager's house!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing and I loved it. Then back to meet Frank, John and Josh at a really cool Mexican restaurant near my place, where we had a few margaritas and then came back to my house to chill, have some fancy drinks, play some guitar, talk about work, watch some Chappelle's show and generally hang out. I'll catch up on blogging some photos from this week sometime tomorrow.

It's been such a crazy week that I am just going to chill tomorrow. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need to do the laundry. So prob just some chillin', I'll go get Frank's wedding present, and clean up the house cause my friend Jocelyne is coming to visit next week. It's Canadian visitor month here in San Francisco. Crazy. But I am lovin' it.

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