Monday, November 19, 2007

Relaxing day

Today was one of those days you need once in a while, just to sort out your apartment and your mind. I slept in hardcore today, until like 1:30pm. It was fantastic. I think I've been staying up too late the past few weeks so I needed one of those make-up days. Good stuff.

Then talked to Jutan Clan a bunch on Skype and that was nice and I haven't talked to them enough over the past week or two cause I've been so busy with all the people visiting me here. That was awesome and then I did my laundry, cleaned all the dishes in my kitchen, took out the garbage and the recycling, cleaned the smelly garbage can, and caught up with Matt and Orion. Matt actually had moved apartments today and still needed my help this evening, so I helped him take one load over there. When we got back to my area, Jen and Tara were at my door!! So I got my laundry all settled and gave them a tour, and then we headed to the awesome Indian food place and got the usual coconut curry!! :) Man what an awesome weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

It was nice to see Jen and Tara again before they head back to Canada next week. Also Matt has an AWESOME new place, complete with a guitar sound recording studio and 2 CATS?!?!??! Um... I have a feeling I'll be hanging out at Matt's place a bit more often. :) The one cat's name is "Mikey" haha!!!!

And now it's nice to catch up on the other important things like watching The Simpsons and bloggin' up a storm. Tomorrow I get my Turkey for American Thanksgiving and sounds like we're going to have a big dinner with Matt and friends next week!


Hehe cute picture eh?


This is some sweet hiphop curry flava!!

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